Created by Order of the Government of the French Community of Belgium on 12 February 2009, the Classe Technolgie et Société comprises 50 members and 50 associates.

It is headed by a Bureau consisting of a Director, a Deputy Director and the Permanent Secretary of the Academy.

This Class includes various engineering science by looking at their impact on society.

It was created for a general policy of evaluation of technological innovation and their social, economic, environmental, cultural impacts on the Society and the ethical implications associated with these technologies; and with main tasks in an interdisciplinary approach, to offer independent advice on major issues related to research and engineering and on the choice of strategies to meet the needs and aspirations of Society; to inform and make recommendations to public authorities as regards research and innovation as well as training; to promote awareness by the general public of the importance of science and technology and their impact on Society.

In 2010, it published its first manifesto entitled: The de-industrialization of Europe. There’s more time to lose!

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