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Any contributor approved by the Reading Committee has the opportunity to publish an article in the journal. Initially, only the articles proposed by members of the Technology and Society Class, they are writers or not, will be considered.

However, no article is put on-line without the consent of the Reading Committee, and regardless of the quality of the author or his work.

The articles are just the way of looking at things of those authors. It goes without saying that the publication of an article does not mean that the Reading Committee and the Royal Academy of Belgium share or defend the content of this article.

Every article is published in electronic format and in PDF format.

The author therefore provide the text in Word (*.doc or *.docx). The illustrations in JPG format and in excellent quality, must be rights-free and be accompanied by a full caption, including the copyright notice if it’s necessary.

References should be complete and prepared for the works, from the title page, not from the cover.

In addition to text, in French or English, the author will provide two short summaries (750 characters including spaces), one in French and one in English, and two long summaries (3000 characters including spaces), one in French and one in English.

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